Reflections on life with a Lacy Dog

Welcome to True Blue Lacys! The Lacy is a driven working dog created for big Texas jobs. I'm not a breeder and I don't sell dogs or registration papers. I'm just a Lacy owner who loves writing, photography and her dog. I have traveled all over the Lone Star State taking pictures, doing research, listening to stories and supporting the Lacy Dog community. My adventures, as well as daily life with my own dog, have shown me why Lacys should be preserved and promoted as a true working breed.

Every Lacy needs a job — not every person needs a Lacy.

It all started with Shady Sadie, the crazy blue Lacy Dog that turned my world upside down. I got Sadie to be an active pet, but she showed her true working colors from day one, turning a vegetarian hipster into a hog doggin' Texan. In addition to hunting wild hogs, Sadie participates in bay competitions and agility. My experiences inspired me to learn everything I could about the breed, share unbiased information with prospective owners and offer support to those passionate about Lacy Dogs.

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Blue Lacy Bay

Three things all Lacy Dogs deserve

  1. Regular work that is mentally and physically demanding

  2. Strong leadership from a confident owner

  3. Challenging and consistent training from day one

Every dog deserves love and proper care. But working breeds, especially driven curs like the Lacy, have special needs. If you want a balanced Lacy Dog, you must go beyond the basics.
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